For farmers

Getting farmers the right solution for plant nutrition at the best costs

HumPhos s.r.o. is a company specialized in production, importing and distribution of fertilizers tailored to farmers needs including products used in organic farming. Our employees and partners we cooperate with, are able to provide full advisory in plant nutrition and to find the right solution for each farmer. Our aim is to provide the best “finance / yield” ratio solution and to maximize the returns of the investments done by grower.

For fertilizers producers

Your partner and sales channel in Czech Republic

As HumPhos s.r.o. we are able to offer you getting your products registered for to be used in Czech Republic both for fertilizers applied in conventional farming as well as in organic agriculture. Thanks to number of our internal and external farming advisors we are able to promote and sell your products across whole country. We are able to secure the direct distribution from producer to farm as well as distribution thru warehouses. During the year of 2020 we will be opening our own warehouse in the centre of Czech Republic, from where we will be able to service all regions in the country.